CSCE 231: Digital Systems
Spring 2014

Instructor: Dr. Mike Turi
Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Pacific Lutheran University


Reminder: Final Exam will be held on Monday, May 19 from 11:00AM to 12:50PM

Class Resources:

Karnaugh Map (K-Map) Rules Handout (March 7)

Exam 1 Study Guide (Exam 1 on March 13)
Exam 2 Study Guide (Exam 2 on May 1)
Final Exam Study Guide (Final Exam on May 19 from 11:00AM to 12:50PM)

Homework Assignments:

Homework 1: Number Conversion and Circuit Intro. (due February 18, 11:50AM)
Homework 2: Introduction to Boolean Algebra (due February 25, 11:50AM)
Homework 3: Boolean Algebra Applications (due March 4, 11:50AM)
Homework 4: Karnaugh Maps and Exam 1 Review (due March 13, 11:50AM)
Homework 5: Binary Arithmetic (due Thurs. April 3, 11:50AM)
Homework 6: Don't Cares and Arithmetic Subsystems (due Tue. April 15, 11:50AM)
Homework 7: Combinational Circuit Review for Exam 2 (due Thurs. April 24, 11:50AM)
Homework 8: Finite State Machines (due Thurs. May 15, 11:50AM)
Do Exercice 10 from the Digilent Real Digital website (skip vending machine question from Prob. 3 and bottom (state diagram outputs "out") of Prob. 4)

Laboratory Exercises:

Lab 1: Intro. to Breadboarding and Schematic Entry (due February 20, 5:25PM) Resource: tb_text_lab1.txt
Lab 2: Intro. to Board and VHDL (due February 27, 5:25PM)
Lab 3: Boolean Algebra Applications and VHDL Test Benches (due March 6, 5:25PM)
Lab 4: Karnaugh Maps and K-Map Battleship (due March 13, 5:25PM)
Lab 5: Seven-Segment Display and Modular Design (due March 20, 5:25PM)
Lab 6: Adders and VHDL Modular Design (due April 3, 5:25PM)
Lab 7: Comparator and ALU (due date extended --April 17, 5:25PM--)
Lab 8: Signal Propagation Delays (due date extended --April 24, 5:25PM--)
Lab Equipment Tutorials: Function Generator Oscilloscope
Lab 9: Fundamental Memory Circuits and Shift Register (due date extended --May 8, 5:25PM--)
Lab 10: Finite State Machines and Controllers (due May 15, 5:25PM)
FSM Example from Class written in VHDL: fsm_example.vhd

Web Resources:

Xilinx ISE Tutorial (from Dr. Michael Crocker, Spring 2013)

DC Power Supply Tutorial (February 13)
Digital Multimeter (DMM) Tutorial (February 13)

Free Range VHDL (February 18)
Introduction to VHDL (February 18)

FPGA Board Differences (February 20)
iMPACT Tutorial (from Dr. Michael Crocker, Spring 2013)
Digilent Tutorials for Xilinx ISE and Digilent Adept (February 20)

ModelSim Student Edition (VHDL Simulator) (February 25)
Xilinx ISE (Software in Lab) (February 25)
Note: Install the ISE Design Suite - Full Product Installation and during installation choose ISE WebPACK. You can get a student license (after you register online). Xilinx ISE is not easily installed on Windows 8.
Lab uses version 12.4. If you use a different version, your project files may not be compatible (your VHDL code/schematics will still be ok, you will just need to create multiple projects for each software version)