CSCE 385: Computer Architecture
Spring 2014

Instructor: Dr. Mike Turi
Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Pacific Lutheran University


Reminder: Final Exam will be held on Tuesday, May 20 from 8:00AM to 9:50AM

Homework Assignments:

Homework 1: Pre-requisite Quiz (due February 12, 9:15AM)
Homework 2: Performance and Starting a Program (due February 19, 9:15AM)
Homework 3: Computer Arithmetic and Introduction to Datapath (due February 26, 9:15AM)
Homework 4: Datapath and Control (due March 5, 9:15AM)
Homework 5: Pipelining Hazards and Exam 1 Review (due March 21, 9:15AM)
Homework 6: Advanced ILP (due April 14, 9:15AM)
Homework 7: Caches (due April 22, 9:45AM)
Homework 8: Chapter 7 Preview (Multicore) (due May 9, 11:59PM)

Laboratory Exercises:

Lab 1: Review of MIPS Assembly (due February 18, 10:45AM)
Lab 2: Tiny8 Processor Datapath (due February 25, 10:45AM) Full Lab Description VHDL Code
Lab 3: Single-Cycle Small16 Processor Datapath and Control (due March 4, 10:45AM) Full Lab Description Diagram of Datapath VHDL Code
Lab 4: Modifying the Single-Cycle Small16 Processor (due March 11, 10:45AM)
Lab 5: Pipelining the Single-Cycle Small16 Processor (due --extended April 15, 10:45AM--; pre-lab due March 21, 11:59 PM) Diagram of New Pipelined Datapath Diagram of Single-Cycle Datapath (from Lab 3)
VHDL Files: ABCDRegFile.vhd bit2_reg.vhd data_memory.vhd instr_memory.vhd mux4_1bit.vhd mux4_data.vhd opcode_reg.vhd sm16_types.vhd
Lab 6: Hazard Support in the Pipelined Small16 Processor (due --extended May 16, 11:59AM--)
Lab 7: Extra Credit and Lab Redo (due May 16, 11:59PM) Numbers File for Sum

Lecture Notes:

Introduction (pdf) (ppt) (February 5)
MIPS (pdf) (ppt) (February 10)
Performance (pdf) (ppt) (February 12)
Starting a Program (pdf) (ppt) (February 12)
Arithmetic for Computers (pdf) (ppt) (February 14)
Datapath and Control (pdf) (pptx) (February 19)
Pipelining (pdf) (pptx) (March 3)
Caches (pdf) (pptx) (April 9)
I/O (pdf) (pptx) (May 5)
Intro to Multiprocessors (pdf) (pptx) (May 12)


Download MARS MIPS Simulator (February 11)
Tutorial for MARS MIPS Simulator (February 11)
PCSpim Tutorial (pdf) (ppt) (February 11)

Free Range VHDL (February 18)
Introduction to VHDL (February 18)

Xilinx ISE Tutorial (from Dr. Michael Crocker, Spring 2013) (February 18)

ModelSim Student Edition (VHDL Simulator) (February 19)

Xilinx ISE (Software in Lab) (February 25)
Note: Install the ISE Design Suite - Full Product Installation and during installation choose ISE WebPACK. You can get a student license (after you register online). Xilinx ISE is not easily installed on Windows 8.
Note: Lab uses version 12.4. If you use a different version, your project files may not be compatible (your VHDL code will still be ok, you will just need to create multiple projects for each software version)
Digilent Tutorials for Xilinx ISE and Digilent Adept (February 25)