The Excel Travel Expense Voucher and Auto Mileage forms.

Please read the "Important notes" below.

Newly revised to work in Excel 2003 as well as older versions.
Excel 2003 users please see below.
The Expense Voucher has not been tested in Excel 2007 and/or Vista. Beta testing is encouraged. Please send comments or problems to

Both electronic forms are designed for most versions of Excel:

Electronic Travel Expense Voucher (includes Auto Mileage Form) (about 630K)

Electronic Auto Mileage Form (stand alone) (about 370K)

Manual Travel Voucher pdf form for people without Excel

Manual Auto Mileage pdf form for people without Excel

Important notes:
1. After clicking on the link you may be asked if you want to "Open it" or "Save to disk". If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, please select "Save to disk". Save it to a known folder. After saving it, you can open it in Excel.
2. When you open the spreadsheet in Excel, you will need to click "Enable Macros" when requested.

You will lose lots of functionality in the voucher spreadsheet if you don't enable macros.

Excel 2003

Excel 2003 has multilevel protection against macros because it is possible to write macros that could seriously harm your computer. The Excel Travel Voucher and Auto Mileage forms use macros to make using the spreadsheet more convenient but are safe and will not harm your computer. If you get a messages beginning
        Macros are disabled because the security level is set to ...
when you try to open one of these forms or if they do not work correctlly, you will have to reset the macro protection level. Normally you will only have to change the security level once as Excel will remember it and use it in the future.

  1. OK or cancel the message.
  2. Close Excel WITHOUT saving the spreadsheet.
  3. Reopen Excel (without specifying a particular spreadsheet).
  4. Select Options from the Tools menu. (If necessary select the down arrow in the Tools menu first.)
  5. Select the Security tab and then click "Macro Security".
  6. Select Medium security level.
  7. Click OK buttons twice to approve the changes.
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Revised 1/23/07